Whistleblower Protections, Rights and Obligations

Workforce members and former workforce members have a duty to disclose to and seek guidance from an appropriate supervisor or manager if they believe, or reasonably believe, any workforce member or other person associated or doing business with CCDR has engaged, is engaging, or may engage in any illegal or unethical behavior or has violated, or may violate, any law, rule, regulation or policy of CCDR.

Concerns may be submitted either in writing or orally. No form is required to submit a concern, but workforce members are encouraged to provide as much information and detail as possible so that the concern can be properly investigated.

All concerns received will be treated confidentially or anonymously, as applicable, to the extent reasonable and practicable under the circumstances.

It is the policy of CCDR to protect those who communicate bona fide concerns from any retaliation for such reporting.

Any person who violates this prohibition against retaliation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment or other relationship with CCDR.

For additional information, please see CCDR Policy CC-013, Whistleblower Policy. The CCDR hotline is (844) 440-0093.